Alive Again ( v2 )

Hey! is back up and running with tons of new features. Turns out I was reinventing the wheel, more on that some other time. All the current artists minus the videos ( 🙁 ) are up and running. Thanks to Azuracast, self hosted, open-source radio server for enabling all these awesome new features.

Here’s what’s new:

It Doesn’t Run Out of My House

Much easier to keep online. Uptime should be near 100%.

Shit Works When Your Phone is Locked

Play in your mobile browser and music will stream even when your phone is locked. New system is better on bandwidth and battery.

Song Requests

Make requests here. Songs will be worked into rotation in the next few plays.

Playlists & Rotations

We’ve got the ability to make playlists and weight rotations. If you want to make a guest playlist, let me know!

Upload Music Directly to the Site

Upload music here. Upload music directly to the site, no more fiddling with Dropbox.

Suggest Artists

Suggest Artists here. A handy dandy form for suggesting artists. Will come in handy as people start to make playlists.