About bgrad.io

What is bgrad.io?

bgrad.io is a music stream consisting of Bowling Green musicians that have donated their music for rotation. If ya wanna discover Bowling Green bands and artists, well that’s what this is for.

How local is local? What area is included in the station rotation?

The influences, history, and sound are more ambiguous than city limits. For the bgrad.io rotation any band that has made a significant and persistent presence in Bowling Green is welcome in the rotation. BG is surrounded by many small towns with their own bands and styles and all of them have had their influence in one way or another.

TLDR; Artists from surrounding counties are welcome with preference that you perform/release in Bowling Green.

How do the bgrad.io social media work?

  • bgrad.io Facebook Page
    Album covers and Bandcamp links get posted here. In the future show promotions and arts will go through here. The photo gallery serves as a psuedo artists directory.
  • bgrad.io Artist Group
    This group is for artist who have donated to the stream. When I need to reach people about bgrad.io this is the easiest way to do it. If your band is in rotation, and you’re not in this group, let me know.

How do I donate my music to bgrad.io?

To donate your music to the bgrad.io rotation, you can submit it here. Or if you have trouble feel free to get in touch, and we’re happy to help.

Submission Guidelines & Tips

  • The most important info is: Artist Name, Album Name, and Track Name.
  • If your albums are on bandcamp.com, it’s often easiest to send a download code.
  • Try pre-packing your albums in a .zip file for easier organization.
  • Feel free to donate entire albums, check below for more information about how the rotation works.
  • If you have any tech trouble or questions, please contact an admin we’re happy to help!

This seems difficult can you help me?

Yes, absolutely! We can accommodate most anything so just let us know. If you want to drop off CDs that’s fine, if you’ve got cassettes that need ripped we can probably figure it out 🙂

How is the bgrad.io rotation selected?

bgrad.io now has advanced playlist scheduling and rotation thanks to Azuracast. Right now all artists play at random, but that will change as guest playlists and curation are introduced.

What kind of music, genres, etc are accepted?

bgrad.io aims to represent all genres and types of music, with a little bit of editorial constraint (song length, dead air, etc). So far we’ve got everything from dystopian post-chiptune to solo singer/songwriter, so go ahead and get in touch 🙂

In the future we’ll look into ideas like curated playlists and rotations to highlight individual genres.

Are live recordings accepted?

Yes, as long as the recording quality is decent. We don’t do video in our current setup however 🙁

What kind of file types do you need?

Artwork: .jpg, .png

Audio: .mp3, .aac, .ogg, .wav

I am a member of a band in rotation, how did this happen?

All music is donated directly, so that means another member of your band was contacted and agreed to let us stream. We try to contact the “primary songwriter” but that’s often (and probably is best as) an ambiguous term, and it’s the ultimately responsibility of musician to check with all involved before donating.

If you don’t want your music in rotation, let us know, and we’ll take it down immediately and hopefully resolve the issue.

I want to remove my music from bgrad.io rotation.

No problem, please contact us and we’ll remove your music from rotation.

I want to start my own radio station, can you help me?

Yes, almost probably. Hit us up 🙂

You switch a lot between “I” and “We”, what’s up with that?

Uh, I don’t really have an answer. “I” is Dalton, maintainer and lead for whatever this is. “We” is Yellowberri the company and great people helping this be awesome. The lack of consistency reflects the aloof underground nature of the project.