Local Bowling Green, KY Music Stream

bgrad.io is a music stream featuring local artists from Bowling Green, KY and surrounding areas. It runs a 24/7 stream of music donated by local musicians.

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Alive Again ( bgrad.io v2 )

Hey! bgrad.io is back up and running with tons of new features. Turns out I was reinventing the wheel, more on that some other time. All the current artists minus the videos ( 🙁 ) are up and running. Thanks to Azuracast, self hosted, open-source radio server for enabling all these awesome new features. Here’s […]


Current rotation artists list for the first batch of artists to support bgrad.io. Thank you! Got an artist we reach out to? Suggest it here. Are you a Bowling Green area artist that wants to be on bgrad.io? Upload here. 00 the Rabbit A Former Friend Abandoned On Fire Ativan Diva Bass Invaders Bean Big […]


sshhh… So v2 of bgrad.io is just about ready. Song requests, an actual server, and guest playlists and and fine-tuned rotation controls. Made possible by the awesome people who make Azuracast.

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